Felicity Feline, Jade Jantzen (Robbed and Roped Part 2 / E05 / 05.27.2017)

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    Poor little Jade Jantzen, she just wanted to have a fun vacation with her friend Felicity Feline. Now, after getting robbed at the beach and tricked into coming to Hostilexxx, she finds herself alone in a dark place. She’s been collared, ball-gagged, blindfolded, tied up with rope and seated. She’s alarmed when she hears her new master, Brick the innkeeper, approaching. He walks his frightened little Asian bitch to a wooden stand, chains her to it then feeds her some cock. Her sexual humiliation continues as he binds her tiny legs together with leather straps and turns her tight little pussy into his plaything. Once he’s had enough twisted fun teasing the nubile slut he binds her wrists with rope and starts pounding her tiny pussy in his decrepit bed. Somehow, poor little Jade manages to endure her new master’s brutal rough sex and intense BDSM onslaught and even has several screaming orgasms. The sexual domination ends in the only way it could for a naive slut like Jade with a massive cumshot on her freckled face.

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