Chapter 2 The Punishment with Mona Wales, Serene Siren, SweetheartVideo, SweetHeartVideo

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    Sister Mona (Mona Wales) quickly recognizes that Mother Joan (Magdalene St-Michaels) doesn’t rule her convent like Mother Superior. Where once she was enveloped by sisterly love and accepted as beautiful soul, she is now burdened by oppressive shame and is punished for her lesbian ways. Sister Mary (Seren Siren) is intrigued by Sister Mona’s way of life and strongly disapproves of the way she is treated by Mother Joan. When Sister Mona finally voices her opinion and defends herself, Mother Joan forcibly puts her in her place. As a gesture of mercy, however, she allows Sister Mary to tend to her wounds. Sister Mary uses the intimate moment to understand more about her sister’s life in the other convent, especially about being with another woman. When Sister Mona questions the sanctity of her lesbian ways, Sister Mary kisses her neck. Her ravenous intrigue and desire radiates from her eyes as she stares at her vulnerable sister. Within moments, the sisters’ bodies intertwine and perform a lust-fueled spectacle worthy only of God’s audience.

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