Totally NOT Gay! with Lexi Belle, Ginger Banks

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    Two young women, Lexi Belle and Ginger Banks, are sitting on a bed together, gazing at each other. Yet, when Lexi moves in for a kiss, Ginger stops her, asking what she’s doing. Lexi apologizes, saying that she thought she was getting flirty signals… However, while Ginger says she’s not gay, she’s curious, so they try a sweet kiss… Three years pass, and the two girls are now living together and sharing the same bed. They’re girlfriends, but they have a running joke about Ginger still not being gay. It looks like Lexi’s been sharing her life and being in love with a straight girl all of this time! More time passes, and Ginger is sitting on the bed looking nervous. Today is the big day… She just has to be brave enough for it! Ginger calls Lexi into the room and sits her down, saying they need to talk. Although Lexi’s anxious at first, she soon reveals an engagement ring and proposes to Lexi — she wants them to spend the rest of their lives together! Lexi happily accepts as they come together in a joyous, loving embrace. To celebrate the engagement, they make love. The session is filled with passionate kisses and affectionate touches. They tongue and eat out each other’s pussies with relish, exchanging adoring looks the whole time. When they feel they’re close to the end, they climb on top of each other and trib until they finally find the relief they’ve been looking for. It looks like Ginger just may be gay after all!

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