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    My boyfriend and I have been kind of tight on money lately. But I love shopping and eating out at nice restaurants so I knew something had to change. Some of my girlfriends suggested webcamming. Girls can make decent money by showing off their feet to random guys online and masturbating together over webcam. I started doing it and made a lot of money but didn’t mention it to my boyfriend since I wasn’t sure what his reaction would be. One day, as I was heading out to go shopping, he asked me where I’m going. Being a bad liar, I told him I’m going shopping with my girlfriends. He said we can’t afford it and I should just stay home. I still really wanted to go so I confessed that I actually have money I made by webcamming. He was shocked and didn’t like it at first but I convinced him to follow me to the bedroom so I could show him how easy and harmless it is. I logged on and started my show while he sat in the corner watching. After a few minutes someone in the chat asked if there’s any guy in the room who could suck on my toes and lick my soles. He would pay big bucks for it. I said yeah and told my boyfriend to come to me and start sucking on my toes. It turned out he really loves my feet. He got so excited he fucked me right there and made me cum many times before he came all over my soles. My viewers loved it and not to mention it was my best earning day to date!

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