S01E06 / Deals Blow with Alex Blake, Jaye Summers

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    Officer Chibbles (Dick Chibbles) is training his new partner (Donnie Rock) who just happens to be a rookie. When he sees that he’ll do as he’s told, he lets him on a little secret: he’s has no problem being a cop that’s on the take. The risks that cops take on a day-to-day basis…they better get a little something on the side for all their hard work. When Officer Chibbles pulls the squad car in front of a house, the rookie asks him what they’re doing. Officer Chibbles reminds him to shut his mouth and stop asking stupid questions. The officers get out of the car and walk towards the front door of the house. They pull out their guns and look inside to find two female suspects bagging some coke. When they storm into the house, the female suspects start screaming as they try to escape. The two officers corner them and tell them to get on their knees and cuff them. When Alex Blake starts asking questions, Officer Chibbles starts roughing her up, reminding her to shut her fucking mouth. He starts grilling the girls, demanding to know where their boss is. They refuse to talk and when Alex tells him she has the right to remain silent, his patience is clearly wearing thin. He grabs her by the neck and takes her to the next room. He tells the rookie to watch Jaye Summers. Officer Chibbles takes her aside and starts kissing Alex. He takes her back to the living and sits her next to Jaye. When the girls are informed that they’re looking at some hard time they start panicking. They don’t want to do 40 years for possession. The officers prpeare to take them to the station but Alex pleads, offering them an ultimatum: if they take off her cuffs, she’ll be so good to them. She takes off her cuffs and she start undoing his fly. When he pulls out his dick she starts sucking it. If this is all the girls have to do to avoid jail time, they’re in!

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