Blackmailed Gianna Fucks Father-In-Law with Gianna Dior

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    Young, all-natural Gianna Dior has been with fiance Brad for almost two years. Although the exotic beauty is no longer satisfied with their dull love life, Gianna is unwilling to give up the lavish lifestyle that her future husband provides. Her boyfriend’s father, Charles, has been pressuring both of them about setting a firm date for the wedding. She’s entertained the notion of calling the whole thing off, but can’t bear the thought of losing precious material possessions. To make matters worse, Charles is in town for the weekend, and she’s concerned that he’ll discover that she’s been leading Brad on for her own benefit. As she feared, Charles interrogates the couple almost immediately upon his arrival, but Brad quickly comes to his conniving girlfriend’s defense. When Gianna excuses herself to use the phone, Charles visits the restroom, where he comes across a startling revelation: Outside of Gianna’s bedroom, he overhears her badmouthing his son. Charles eavesdrops in the hallway, shocked when he hears Gianna reveal that she’s only marrying Brad for his money. Later, Charles confronts Gianna, threatening to tell Brad about her deceptive ways. Gianna attempts to deny any wrongdoing before realizing that Charles is seriously distressed, and he’s not letting her off the hook. She feels blackmailed! Out of options, the seductive slut lowers her top, offering herself to Charles in exchange for his silence. Charles caresses her tan, long legs. They share passionate kisses as he gropes her fit body. The depraved duo strips down, and Gianna treats her future father-in-law to a slobbery blowjob! The defiant doll whimpers in lust as she rides his stiff cock, and she smiles fiendishly as she sucks Charles’ prick pussy-to-mouth. Their diabolical tryst features crude, dirty talk and an intense, deep-throat blowjob. Charles decorates Gianna’s face in a sperm facial. Covered in cum, Gianna says, “I’ve never been fucked that good! Please don’t tell your son.”

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