S01E02 / One Way Exit with Khloe Kapri

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    The way out is through Officer Brandon Carter (Tommy Pistol) just got a call about a disgruntled employee (Khloe Kapri) who has recently gotten laid off from her job. She returned to her former employer demanding they give her the money she’s claiming they owe her. The assistant manager, who was the one who notified the police, is claiming the suspect is being overly aggressive and is afraid she’s going to get violent if someone doesn’t intervene. When Officer Carter walks in, he sees that the suspect in question is indeed being verbally aggressive with the manager. As she sees Officer Carter walking in, she can’t believe that the manager would call the cops on her. When Officer Carter asks her to calm down, she gets in his face and starts yelling at him to fuck off. He has no choice but to subdue the suspect and get her into handcuffs. He cuffs her, turns her around and asks her again if she’s calmed down enough to talk. She demands she be let go and that they pay her the money she’s owed. When Officer Carter gets the call from dispatch that she’s possibly armed, he searches for her and finds drugs hidden in her bra. When he tells her that this is her 3rd strike, she starts panicking and wonders how she’s gonna get out of this? He asks her to open her mouth and wiggle her tongue around and she does as she’s told, adding that she’s not hiding anything in there. But when she realizes that he’s not looking for evidence but proof of her oral skills, she gets disgusted and starts calling him names. Officer Carter tells her this is her one chance to get out of this and he’s trying to help her. When she agrees to suck his dick and fuck him on camera, that’s all Officer Carter needs to hear before she shoves his dick in her mouth.

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