S01E01 / Little Lies with Brooke Karter

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    Officers Dick Chibbles and Jack Vegas are doing their afternoon rounds. When they receive a call about an armed suspect, they waste no time driving to the house. As they knock on the door, Brooke Karter answers it and asks them what they want. When they inquire as to the whereabouts of the suspect, she lies to them, saying he’s not here. But when they see him trying to escape from the kitchen window, they apprehend the suspect and cuff him. They read him his rights and put him in the squad car. When they go back into the house, they demand identification from the girlfriend. As they grill her with questions, they inform her that harboring a fugitive can get her 5 to 8 years in a state penitentiary. She keeps telling them she’s innocent but they know a liar when they see one. They cuff her and start roughing her up as they grab her by the throat and yell in her face, demanding that she tell them where her boyfriend was an hour and a half ago, ‘cuz he sure as hell wasn’t home with her. Playing good cop, they offer her an ultimatum: tell them the truth and she doesn’t go to jail. Satisfied with her reply, the cops go to leave but Brooke isn’t going to let them take her boyfriend away from her. When she blurts out something about sex, the cops pause for a moment and ask her what she means. When she gets on her knees and starts sucking Jack Vegas dick, the message becomes crystal clear.

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