[BackroomCastingCouch] Brittany (10.15.2018)

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    When 19 year old Brittany confesses that she enjoys watching creampie videos but never actually gotten one, we already know how we’re going to end her casting. But clearly SHE didn’t because it turns out our blonde porn hopeful isn’t on birth control and I just lost 47.99 in the form of a morning-after pill to ensure Mr Vince doesn’t get hit with a paternity suit. Brittany is a full natural blonde, which we just realized is actually really rare these days. She even left us some light peach fuzz around her love mound to prove it. While Brittany is adventurous enough to already have had a threeway at her tender age, she’s absolutely not down for anything about the “A”. Didn’t even want to try the butt plug for us, she clamped up. No anal obviously. Barely ate Vince’s ass. Not going to check the “Rimjob” keyword on this one though technically she did it. Brit clearly enjoys Vince’s cock magic though, there’s even some kissing. Love it when she tries to hide her smiles of joy to appear cool and aloof for her casting, but it’s pretty clear Brittany is having a grand ol’ time here. After getting Brittany fucked and creampied, she shows off her twerking skills, which is basically like another “fuck you guys, none of THAT fabulous ass for you today!”.That’s OK, none of those fabulous paying modeling jobs for YOU, Brittany…

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