Top Headucation with Sheena Ryder, Zoey Bloom

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    Zoey Bloom has beensome problems that she needs to get off her chest, and Sheena Ryder is here to help her out. Zoey sits down on the couch and pours her heart out to her friends mom, Sheena. She tells Sheena that she has a date coming up with a boy at school, and she is afraid that he is going to want to go all the way. Sheena is surprised by that, especially given that Zoey has never had sex before. So, being the more mature, experienced woman, Sheena comes up with a solution to Zoeys problem. She runs to her bedroom and retrieves the perfect tool needed to get Zoey ready for her date, her pink white strap on. Sheena throws it on and teaches Zoey to suck cock on a real life model. Zoey deepthroats Sheenas strap on until it is all juiced up and ready to go. Then, Sheena lays Zoey out on the couch and gives her a dick down education. She fucks her from multiple angles until Zoey has the confidence to take that cock she was scared of just a few hours before. Hopefully, Zoey will put this degree to use! Do you think Zoey and Sheena are a match made in heaven? Let us know in the comments!

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