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    Aaliyah Love is a wealthy mylf with everything in the word besides sexual satisfaction. One day she was driving around the neighborhood until her car gave out on her. She tried to examine the engine herself, but she really had no idea what she was looking at. Aaliyah was unaware that as she peeped under the hood, a strapping young technically inclined teen who happened to be her neighbor was peeping under her dress. Her perfectly shaped ass made him stop, and boy was that the best idea he ever had. It only took him a matter of minutes to fix Aaliyahs issue, and she was beyond thankful. She invited him over to her house for some lemonade, and before he could even take the first sip Aaliyah was seducing him and begging for his hard dick. She sucked him off like a seasoned pro and rocked his cock with her pelvis unlike any other woman ever has. Cars and sex have a lot of things in common, and sometimes when you have a much older car it really takes someone inexperienced to realize its true beauty and potential.

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