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    Melissa Lynn sells real estate. She’s also considered to be a “cougar”…and, let’s not forget, she’s a cheater, too. In fact, she’s about to meet up with her lover, a tall black man with a huge cock, before her open house today. The reason? Not to fuck him…but to leave him. You see, Melissa’s hubby has discovered her infidelities, and Melissa doesn’t want to get a divorce. She loves her life…well, most of her life. Melissa’s sex life sucks, but how many relationships are strong in that area after 20 years? Anyway, Hubby is mad, so Melissa’s done, but she’d like to “go out with a bang”, so to speak, with her lover. They meet, Melissa breaks the news, and sure enough, after a little bit of begging from Melissa, she gets her Goodbye Sex. There’s a problem, though. Melissa realizes it’s more difficult to give up her black lover than she thought! After sucking his enormous cock and getting her pink pussy destroyed by it, Melissa doesn’t want to give it up! Something tells me she’s about to cheat again!!

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