Extra Marital Emissions with Rachele Richey

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    Rachele Richey has a secret plan in mind for her fuck sesh with her man today. Her guy is cheating on his wife with her, but he does not seem like he will ever leave her. And it does not make any sense to Rachele. They are so happy together! So, today she is going to make it happen. She is going to get him to cum inside of her. Getting her pregnant will definitely ruin their marriage, and he will have to be with her. To get him in the mood, she puts on some amazingly sexy underwear after taking a nice long bath. He shows up and blindfolds her before getting into baby making position. He fucks her from behind, pounding her like a jackhammer while she takes it with joy. She gets on her back and looks at her future baby daddy as he thrusts away, unaware of what she has planned. Then finally, she climbs him and does not get off until he plants a nice fat creampie inside of her. Looks like this guy is stuck!

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