[NaughtyOffice] Brenna Sparks (24637 / 09.27.2018)

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    The mailroom? Fuck the mailroom! Brenna Sparks is disgusted when her boss Johnny tells her that he might have to transfer her to the musty, dusty, boring mailroom. And all just because of her voice! Apparently customers have been complaining that she sounds underage when she answers the phone in her cute, high-pitched, elfin voice, and it’s causing them to write bad reviews! Brenna’s insulted and distraught, but Johnny thinks of an alternative: he heard on a podcast that pop singers tend to lower their voices by giving deepthroat blowjobs, so why not give it a shot? Down go Johnny’s pants and down goes Brenna on her knees to suck her boss’s throbbing hard cock! And whaddya know…after a few deep sucks, Brenna’s voice is lower than Johnny’s yet-to-be-drained balls!

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