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    Allison and Elsa start training for the bout. They have a lot of ground to cover. Unlucky for them, Gia already started to build a strong team, and not a lot of girls want to go against Gia and Black Widow. Until Elsa finally recruits Arabelle Raphael and her wife Sovereign Syre, two of the most experienced players on the team. Arabelle takes charge of the training and now they finally have a strong team that can compete against Gia! With two days left before the big event, Allison wants to celebrate the end of their two hell weeks of training with Arabelle and Sovereign. Unfortunately, the couple have other plans for the day and a very big surprise to celebrate. Arabelle and Sovereign are just home from an appointment with the doctor who confirmed their big news, Arabelle is pregnant! The two lovers are overcome with joy as they embrace becoming Moms. The passion and joy for life must be felt in all ways as the two women begin kissing frantically, while stripping naked so they can consume one another’s wet, and wanting pussies. They cum together lost in the wonder of their true happiness.

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