Bad Skinfluence Pt.1 with Gabriella Paltrova, Alexa Nova

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    Alexa Nova and Gabriella Paltrova are talking about some dirty stuff in their bedroom when Alexas dad overhears them. He is shocked and appalled that his daughter even knows what sex is, so he looks around in her room and finds her vibrator. Just like any good parent does, he blames the situation on his daughters friend, Gabriella. He talks to Gabriellas dad and tells him he needs to get a better handle on her. Her dad responds by showing him what kind of handle he already has. He walks Gabriella into the room on her hands and knees in fishnet panties, ready to be spanked. Then he spanks her silly to instill a touch of discipline. Alexa and Gabriella toy themselves to get their young cunts ready for some meaty dad cocks, and then they all go their separate directions. Gabriella gets banged from behind with her leash in her mouth, letting her eyes roll back in her skull as she enjoys some long dad dick in her pussy. She bobs her head up and down on this dads thick stick. Then she gets fucked on her back while squealing in pleasure. That will teach her!

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