[BackroomCastingCouch] Lyla (09.24.2018)

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    At just 18 years old, nerdy hair, and with those big glasses that make her look like a semi-retarded Harry Potter, you’d think Lyla accidentally picked the wrong door, confusing the casting office with a comic book store or a Lenscrafters or something. But the joke’s on us when we see a big “Daddy’s Girl” tattoo on the back of her thighs and we find out this seemingly innocent geek is a BDSM fan who will let Vince use her mouth and throat as his pleasure playground with one of the fiercest throat-fucking this year, and let him fuck her little teen ass for a chance at that getting those precious $1000 to $5000 per day modeling jobs that don’t actually exist. She claims her boyfriend (!) supports her decision to seek out porn jobs. Well, maybe he is. But in my experience it’s rare for a young dude like that to enjoy watching his girlfriend get pounded by strangers. Lyla is sweet, well-spoken, and a little timid during her interview but as she says, our surprise hardcore chick is “down with just about anything”, and she isn’t kidding. Since anal turns into painal at some point, Vince switches from her ass to her pussy to thoroughly inseminate our teen on camera. We make her eat the creampie and she’s sucking it all up, proudly showing the remaining cum on her mouth as it’s dripping out. Young Lyla is a really naughty little surprise that lets us do whatever we wanted. So we’ll graciously give her a morning-after pill as we wrap up. Wouldn’t want her…”supportive boyfriend” find out his little lady is carrying Mr V’s offspring. Scandalous, these girls.

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