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    Young Bobbi Dylan is getting ready for a night on the town. Her all natural tits are smashed into a skin tight and mostly see through top. The young girl is dressed like a total whore. She is headed out on the town to shake her ass for all the boys at the club. In walks her bad step daddy. He can’t believe how Bobbi is dressed. More so, he can’t believe how much makeup she has on her face. Bobbi Dylan explains that she is an adult now. Just because she lives at home doesn’t mean she can’t go out and have fun. All her step father can look at is the amount of makeup she has on her face. He keeps asking her about where she learned this kind of thing. Bobbi is shy at first but tells him she has been watching videos on the internet to show her how to do it. When the step daughter is told she looks like a slut it is too much for her. If she is called a slut by the man of the house then she is going to show him what a slut she can be. Bobbi Dylan expects her step dad to call her bluff but he doesn’t. Instead he pushes the slutty young girl to her knees and pulls his dick out. She opens her mouth to say something. Before she can speak, her tiny mouth is filled with a big hard cock. Every time the young girl comes up for air, she is met with the thick shaft jammed back into her mouth shutting her up. Turns out Bobbi Dylan has been watching some other movies on the internet too. She knows what sluts do and she knows what boys like. Bobbi is determined to prove what a good whore she really is. The red headed step daughter opens her mouth and allows it to be fucked. She takes the hard cock in her throat until her step dad is satisfied with her talents. The impressed older man decides it’s time to put his slutty little girl to the test. He bends her over the bed and shoves his cock into her shaved fuck hole. Her young hairless pussy is dripping wet. Bobbi Dylan is turned on by the abuse her step dad is giving her throat and pussy. She wants to impress him so she rides his cock cowgirl. Bobbi squeezes her pussy as tight as she can while screaming out for him to fuck her. She uses her dirty talk to tell him how good his thick cock feels filling up her tight pussy. After flipping around and bouncing her ass on him reverse cowgirl pov, Bobbi Dylan opens her legs and lets her step dad fill up her pussy one more time. It feels so good he decides to creampie his step daughter’s shaved pussy. They know it is wrong, but they just can’t resist the taboo relationship.

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