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    It’s been a while that Charlotte Cross has been living at home. Her Step Father is sick of the freeloading teenager. The family members have a heart to heart talk about Charlotte getting a job. Her Step Father instructs the young girl that she needs to start earning her keep. She objects and complains. The bratty teen is quickly put in her place and told that she has two options. Charlotte Cross can either go out and get a real job, or her Step Dad is going to let his friends pay to fuck her nubile and fresh all natural body. At first Charlotte Cross protests. She is not used to being bossed around. The young girl has big natural tits and a pretty face. Usually when she pouts and whines, people will give into her desires. Charlotte is now being bossed around. Her sexual powers of persuasion have no affect on the grown man. He is the boss and he makes it clear. Charlotte is told to go to her room and change into her new work outfit. She stomps off and finds a slutty dress. Hesitantly, Charlotte strips in front of her Step Dad. She squeezes her big tits and thick ass into the tight outfit. She is uncomfortable and feels vulnerable and exposed. Her Step Father doesn’t care. He makes it clear that her choice is between sexually servicing anyone he sends her or getting a real job. The young girl decides being a prostitute is the better option. Shortly after Charlotte Cross is dressed in her whore dress, her Step Dad decides he wants to take her for a test run. He instructs the young whore to drop to her knees. It’s time for the big tits teen to practice. She pulls out his cock and starts to suck on it. He gags his step daughter on his big dick. Charlotte begins to enjoy the rough deep throat fucking she is receiving. She has always been a slut, this might be the career she was made for. When she is instructed to start using her pussy instead of her throat, her apprehension returns. She spreads her legs to show off her hairy bush and all natural teen fuck hole. When the young girl is filled up with her Step Dad’s cock, her nerves are settled. Charlotte Cross falls into her role as a real life prostitute. She begs for more as she gives her tight Step Daughter pussy up for use. Her big tits bounce as she rides cock in cowgirl. Her PAWG teen booty jiggles while she is slammed into from behind. After the young whore is completely fucked she is put on her knees. Charlotte Cross waits for her Step Dad to jerk off on her pretty face. She bathes in the messy facial cum shot. The sexy all natural teen smiles feeling satisfied and accomplished. Her new pimp tells her to clean up because her first client is on his way. Reality sets in as Charlotte Cross realizes she is about to start her new life as a whore for her Step Dad.

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