Company Policy with Victoria Voxxx, April O’Neil, Jade Baker

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    Victoria Voxxx and Jade Baker are stars in a video regarding personal boundaries in the workplace. When Victoria mentions respecting her co-worker’s personal space, she reaches down and grabs Jade’s tits. April O’Neil, who’s filming the segment, yells cut, and reminds them that perhaps it’s not the best idea to grab her tits while they’re talking about the subtleties of personal space. April tries take after take but the girls are simply not getting it. Every time Victoria gets to the same place in her script, she’s either groping Jade, taking off her clothes or sucking on her neck. April can’t help but laugh as she slowly realizes that they’re plan was to seduce her all along. She tells them that they’re going to have to try it again. As soon as Victoria starts the script, she’s already got her hands all over Jade and is undressing her. The girls tell April that perhaps it might be a better idea to make a video about consent as they pull her closer. April laughs at how devious they are and tells them she consents to their advances jokingly. The girls start undressing April as they kiss her face and suck on her tongue. Jade gets on her knees and doesn’t waste any time diving into her pussy. The girls take turns dominating each other as they cum over and over. Lucky for them, the camera was still rolling, and the girls can relive the experience again and again.

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