Chocolate Skin Cutie Rides Her Driving Instructor with Amethyst Banks

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    What is that stereotype again? Women cannot drive? Well, I am not sure how true that is for ALL women, but Amethyst Banks is certainly not doing anything to help their cause. She just cannot seem to get it right while taking her driving test. She fails miserably, but she is willing to go the extra mile to get on the road and start causing havoc with her lack of ability. She reaches her dark chocolate hand down between our studs khakis and feels around for his big key to turn him on. He cannot resist as she pops his peen between her lips and takes a lick or two. She tells him her dad is not home, so they head to her house to finish what they have started. He eats her ass and then parks his car in her driveway from behind while her headlights bob and sway on the bed. By the time she gets his washer fluid sprayed down her throat, Amethyst has passed her drivers test with flying colors. She may not be able to drive, but at least we know she can ride!

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