You Fuck My Dad And I Revenge Fuck Yours with Avery Moon, Cameron Minx

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    Cameron Minx is upset that her parents are getting a divorce, so she confides to her friend Avery Moon that she thinks her dad may be cheating. Little does Cameron know, Avery is the other woman. Avery puts on a sympathetic face to console Cameron, but soon after leaving, meets up with Camerons dad to sneak a quick fuck. Cameron hears them, and cant believe it. To get back at Avery, she goes over to her house after school and seduces Averys dad. But just as Cameron is about to leave, she gets caught with cum on her face! Now, theres a predicament. But these two dads come up with a solution. Theyll just fuck each others daughters! Everybodys on board, and Cameron and Avery are on their knees sucking each others dads thick dick side by side in no time. They look at each other in the eye while both are getting pounded from behind. Then, they flip over and get fucked on their backs right next to each other like the besties they are. All these daughters wanted was a taste of some dad dick!

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