Jizzwold Family Vacation Part 1 with Hannah Hays, Chloe Couture

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    It’s family vacation time, and this family is about to find that many of their longstanding attractions for one another will lead to dreams come true. When Chloe Couture and her stepbrother Dustin Daring tire of their parents’ antics, they make their own backseat party as Chloe seduces Dustin into letting her blow him while their parents remain oblivious up front. She starts by rubbing her clit over her panties, then strokes and sucks Dustin as he stares in disbelief at his stepsister with her lips wrapped around his fuck stick. Discarding all their clothes, the duo moves on to full-on banging in the backseat as they try to hold the moan to hide their activities from their parents. They try all kinds of different car positions, from Chloe getting her pussy pounded from behind to riding Dustin’s fuck stick. She gets as many climaxes as she can handle before her trimmed twat has finally been satisfied. Knowing she can’t leave Dustin hanging, Chloe uses both hands and her puffy lip mouth to stroke him off until she gets a mouthful of cum. Later, the road trip is interrupted when the car breaks down and the family has to come together to push the car into the driveway. Chloe’s cousin Hannah Hays greets them at the door and instantly starts fucking Chloe’s stepdad, Will Pounder, with her eyes. She’s not above seducing that hunky man so she leads him to the bathroom where she drops to her knees to blow his hard dick. Will and Hannah soon find that the bathroom is the perfect place to fuck as Hannah leans over the sink and gets her fuck hole slammed from behind. When the couple emerges, they learn that Dustin and his stepmom have taken off. Hannah takes the opportunity to grab Chloe’s hand and urge her to her knees so they can both give Will another round of certified nubile delight.

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