Straight From The Beach with Jenna Sativa, Vienna Black, Chloe Cherry

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    Chloe Cherry and Vienna Black spent the day at the beach together and are exhausted. When they get back to the car, Vienna mentions how her shoulder is still hurting. Chloe, who knows the area well, suggest that perhaps they could extend their girls day a little longer by stopping by a spa that’s a stone throw away. Vienna adds that since they don’t have to be home anytime soon, they may as well get a massage before they leave. They walk into the salon and are greeted by the lovely Jenna Sativa who asks them how she may be of service. Chloe explains that Vienna’s shoulder is sore, and wonders if Jenna can work out those knots. Jenna has just the thing for Vienna and suggests a Nuru massage. The girls are thrilled at the prospect of Vienna going home with no more shoulder pain. Jenna asks them to follow her as she leads them to the massage area. When she informs them about the steps in the massage she then instructs them to undress. Vienna takes her clothes off immediately as she’s eager to get some relief but Chloe excuses herself not wanting to get naked in front of the girls. Jenna notices she’s uncomfortable and tells her she doesn’t have to wait outside, she can have a seat on the chair by the shower. When Jenna is done lathering Vienna, she leads her to the bath. Chloe jumps in the shower to remove the sand from her body. While Chloe showers, Jenna starts massaging Vienna is such a way that Vienna finds herself getting turned on. By the time Chloe turns around, the girls are making out in the bath. When she asks Vienna what she’s doing, she tells Chloe she just got lost in the moment. Chloe tells her that they looked so hot kissing and wouldn’t mind joining them. The girls practically drag her into the bath as they lust over each other’s bodies for the rest of the day.

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