I Don’t Want To Ruin Our Friendship with Natasha Starr, Sloan Harper

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    Natasha and I are roommates. Her boyfriend spends the night often. He’s a hot guy so one day when she wasn’t home we hooked up. I don’t know how but she found out. I was embarrassed because we’re friends. She stormed into my room and I begged for her forgiveness since our friendship is more important. As part of my forgiveness and since she’s a dirty perv slut, she demanded I get down on all fours. First she made me lick her heels. Then she pulled out her stocking feet, made me smell it, lick it, and finally shoved her whole foot in my mouth. I was so turned on by her treating me like a little foot whore that I am. She made me eat and suck all her toes and fucked me so good I still get wet just thinking about it.

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