Car Double Trouble with Cathy Heaven

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    Girlfriends Alice Fabre and Cathy Heaven love having a little bit of naughty fun, even when they are having car trouble. When Lutro arrives valiantly to their aid as they wait on the side of the road, these beauties begin softly kissing in front of him! As the shock sets in, Lutro decides to see how far they are willing to take this, so he brings his new friends back home with him. As they undress out of their skimpy clothes, Alice licks and caresses Cathy’s massive breasts before the two of them promptly wrap their pretty mouths around Lutro’s large cock! As Cathy slides every inch of his stiff dick inside her wet pussy, Alice gently presses hers up against her blonde lover’s pouty lips. All the distraction needed to steal Lutro’s phone and wallet before heading out!

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