Teaching Her A Thing Or Two with Marie McCray, Natasha Starr, Athena Faris

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    Athena Faris is a very sexy girl, but her stepmom, Marie McCray, just can not figure her out. She tells her girlfriend, Natasha Starr, that she suspects her stepdaughter might be into girls, but she is not sure. With her thick eastern european accent and her perfect body, Natasha goes upstairs and helps Athena discover her softer side. Natasha dives right in, playing with Athenas perky boobs and devouring her pussy. Athena might not be a lesbian but she sure loves getting her pussy eaten by one. Inspired by Natashas success, Marie decides to show her stepdaughter how a strap on works. The look of shock on Athenas face when Marie reveals the strap on is absolutely priceless. If you miss it the first time, you can catch it again the next day when Marie and Natasha decide to team up and present Athena with not just one strap on, but two! GASP. The ladies proceed to fill and drill every hole they can, doing their best to mint a brand new official lesbian.

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