Lesbian Toy Session with Aislin, Anie Darling

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    It’s yoga time for Aislin and Anie Darling. These two friends start stretching outdoors, then take their exercise routine inside to continue working on their fitness. Anie can’t keep her eyes off Aislin’s big tits and tight athletic body. As the girls show off their camel toe in a new position, they steal glances at one another. Finally the tension becomes too much to bear, and they lock lips before Anie lifts Aislin’s shirt and goes right for those mouthwatering nipples. Returning the breast play in kind, Aislin makes sure Anie’s body is humming before she submits to her raven-haired lover’s silent demand that she lean forward over the exercise ball. That position leaves Aislin’s bare twat delightfully open to Anie’s probing tongue, especially when Aislin rolls onto her back. Playing with her own big knockers, Aislin gasps in orgasmic bliss as Anie finishes her off with a vibrating toy. Wanting to get Anie off while still giving in to Anie’s wish to continue feasting on her pussy, Aislin climbs on top of her girlfriend to create a lesbian 69. AIslin swiftly achieves another climax, leaving her sated and ready to see to Anie’s needs with a singlemindedness that can only end in cumming. Positioning Anie so she’s leaning forward over a chair, Aislin grabs a dildo and shoves it deep into her girlfriend’s tight pussy, pumping her fuck hole until she explodes in delight.

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