Freaky Family with Gia Love, Carmen Caliente

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    Gia Love knows her mom is a control freak, and Kyle Mason and Jake Adams know their dad has no spine, but when her parents adopt Carmen Caliente, the foursome find themselves in a true blended family. The quartet tries to deal with their overly-stern parents as their mom dresses them in identical outfits. Carmen has had enough, so she suggests that if their new parents want to be freaky then they can play that game, too. The girls are the first to lock lips, but soon each girl has picked a guy with whom to make out. As the two girls wrap their lips around their chosen guy’s hard dick, the patriarch of the blended family spies on them. Knowing full well that they have eyes on them, the girls each suck their way to a blowjob cumshot before kissing deeply to share their mutual prize. Later, when Carmen’s adopted mom tries to get stern with her Carmen talks back. The family’s patriarch agrees that his wife needs to be taught a lesson, so he sits her down and tells her to watch as the quartet of horny coeds gets down and dirty together right in front of her. From making out to another round of blowjobs, this time the kids take it a step further. IT’s not long before Carmen and Gia are each riding their stud of a stepbrother and getting their greedy pussies pounded from behind. These stepkids won’t stop until each girl has a creampie of cum right in front of their parents, who found the whole show inexplicably arousing.

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