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    Kinsley Karter is over at her friends house. She is a young all natural ebony girl with big natural tits. The boys at school always give her a lot of attention because of the size of her boobs. She is a highly desired young girl. None of that matter today. Kinsley Karter is sad. The rest of her friends went out, but she stayed back. Kinsley is taking some time for her self in her BFF’s bedroom. She is feeling sad. Her best friends dad comes in and catches her alone. Something is obviously the matter. The caring man that he is, he inquires what is bothering Kinsley. The sexy young black girl is sad because her Dad has left her all alone. As a concerned parent, he tries to make his daughters BFF feel better. Kinsley Karter has other ideas in mind. Her emotions are one problem, but she wants her body to feel good. The younger boys at school haven’t been able to satisfy her. She needs a Father figure in her life to do the job. Kinsley wants to feel like a woman. She won’t take no for an answer. If her best friend walked into the room it wouldn’t stop her. Kinsley Karter wants to feel a real man’s cock inside her tight shaved pussy. After much persuasion, her friends Dad gives in and gives the teenage big boobs slut exactly what she craves. The all natural ebony girl drops to her knees. She pulls out the adult man’s dick and starts to service it. Her DSL’s wrap around the head and shaft to provide ultimate pleasure. Kinsley Karter uses her wet mouth to slobber all over the big cock. She knows she has a new “Daddy” in her life now. Satisfied with her sexual conquest, Kinsley now goes to work. She sucks off the grown man’s cock hard until he can’t take anymore and demands to fuck her tight shaved pussy. The young slut spreads open her pink hole and lowers it down on his dick. She looks sexy sliding her wet pussy up and down his thick shaft. Her big natural tits bounce up and down while she pleases him in cowgirl. Kinsley wants to feel his cock in every way imaginable. She bends for her favorite, backshots. She is taking his dick deep, but he wants to blow his load on her perfect natural tits. The young slut is dropped to her knees. She grabs her big naturals with her hands to cradle them. Her new “Daddy” sprays her perfect tits with his cum, marking his territory. This young slut is now his. They moved quick in fear that her best friend would catch them. If she walked in on her BFF fucking her father in her own bedroom the couple knew they wouldn’t be able to do this again. For the time being, this will be kept as their little secret. Kinsley Karter can come by her friends house every day after school and get fucked hard.

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