Ebony Diabolical Sleepover with Ivory Logan

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    Ivory Logan is a sexy black girl with a petite frame and an easy smile. She comes over to have a sleepover with her best friend, Raven Reign. The girls feel very comfortable around each other, so they have some fun while changing into their pajamas, playing with each others boobs and shaking their asses. They are going to watch a movie but they have not decided which one, so when Ravens brother, Nathan, shows up, they are open to suggestions. He lends them a DVD of a recent horror movie he watched and warns them that its really scary before leaving the room. He tells the girls he is going to try to get some sleep, but the truth is, he has other plans in mind. While the girls are in the living room watching the movie, they are too captivated to notice they have some company. Dressed as the devil, Ravens brother sneaks into the room quietly. His eyes fix on Ivorys ass, and his hands quickly follow, pulling down her pajama bottoms and exposing her g-string. Raven is too enthralled in the movie to notice when Nathan pulls Ivorys pants the rest of the way down and shoves his cock in her hole. Raven is oblivious when Ivory sits back…only to ride Nathans cock. She sucks his cock greedily, getting it nice and hard so he can fuck her some more before shooting his load all over her brown sugary ass cheeks.

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