Thieving Nanny Rina’s Blackmailed Fuck with Rina Ellis

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    Recently separated from his wife, Kyle Mason has been struggling to keep up with his obligations at home. He’s hired Rina Ellis to assist with his daily errands so he can continue focusing on his work. After only a few weeks, the fit, exotic nanny has proved to be a huge help to Kyle. But when he discovers money missing, he begins to wonder if his sweet assistant might be the culprit. Eventually, Kyle sets up a surveillance camera to determine who has been stealing from him. Much to his dismay, Kyle’s suspicions are proven true — he catches cute but conniving Rina red-handed. When he confronts her, Rina shamelessly denies any wrongdoing. Unfortunately for her, Kyle’s video evidence support his charge, and when he shows her the footage, Rina’s tone quickly changes. She begs him not to go to the police, even declaring that she’ll work for free if he keeps her crime a secret. But Kyle doesn’t fall for that. With nowhere to turn, the frightened, distressed damsel wonders what Kyle could be thinking. He lets her in on his scheme: If Rina wants him to keep her little indiscretion private, she’ll have to do something for him. Kyle blackmails the dark-haired, natural-bodied doll, demanding a depraved sexual affair in exchange for his silence. Desperate Rina timidly takes the bait. Rina pulls up her dress and shows Kyle her tight, slim body. The commanding stud fiercely fucks her face, making her gag on his big boner. Rina shouts in disbelief as the hung creep fucks her hairless cunt, aggressively choking her as he thrusts. But Rina can’t help fondling her clit while riding Kyle’s rod. She slobbers through a sloppy blowjob and he hammers her twat vigorously. Kyle slathers his no-good nanny’s face in sperm. Covered in cum, Rina hangs her head in despair, recognizing that her terrible mistake may be held over her head for some time to come…

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