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    Careless cute blonde Britney Light is an animal rescue volunteer that must contend with her supervisor–the very sexy and stacked Julia Ann! Britney has messed up and a dog got outside the shelter, it’s up to Julia to find the right kind of punishment for the teen cutie. But, Julia would rather take pleasure from the beauty than give punishment as Julia kisses Britney’s pouty lips. The younger girl loves how huge Julia’s tits are, and how the hot MILF is such a good kisser. Both ladies make out, drowning in their lust while working each other’s clothes off. Julia fingers Britney’s pussy with a surprising vigor getting her so wet, Britney cannot get enough. The young girl moans and then Julia dips down and begins eating her out. Not to be outdone, Britney cums like there’s no tomorrow and then goes down on Julia, causing her to writhe excitedly. Julia cums too, and then both of them eat each other out in a few more positions, cumming repeatedly until they are left exhausted and contemplative.

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