Double Booking with Avi Love, Moka Mora

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    Moka Mora walks into the massage parlor for her job interview. The funny things is there’s no one there to greet her. Avi Love runs into the room apologizing for the delay. Some of her employees have called in sick and she’s been running around trying to take care of everything by herself. When Avi asks Moka if she’s here for her appointment, she corrects her by saying that she’s actually here for a job interview. Avi apologizes saying that she completely forgot she was coming in today. She sees that Moka has come prepared with her outfit in hand. She asks her to go upstairs and get changed. Moka takes off her clothes as she looks around at her new place of employment. She’s got a good feeling about this gig and is gonna make sure she does a good job. She puts on a G-string which displays her perfectly shaped ass. When she straps on her bra, she covers herself up with a silky multi-colored robe. She looks incredible and she knows it! Alex Legend walks into the salon and is greeted by Avi. When she tells him that a new girl will service him instead of her today, he feels awkward as he has an established relationship with her. When he meets the new girl, he can’t believe how hot she is. Avi assures him that Moka is a professional and that he’ll be 100% satisfied. They go upstairs to change but as soon as Moka takes off her clothes, something doesn’t feel right. Alex has never done this with anyone other than Avi. Moka goes downstairs to tell Avi what’s happened and the girls go upstairs to resolve the situation. Alex apologizes to Avi; he just feels a little uncomfortable. Avi has an idea that will put his worries at ease. When she tells him that he’ll be serviced by both girls, not only do his worries dissipate but his cock gets hard immediately. There’s nothing wrong with a two-for-one special!

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