Insert This with Audrey Royal, Jessica Rex

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    Jessica Rex slides her panties aside to masturbate in her bedroom. Rubbing her clit, she bucks her hips and grabs her tits as orgasmic bliss courses through her body. Attracted by the noise, Audrey Royal comes into the room to see what her stepsister is doing. Audrey tries to tell Jessica to cut it out and keep it down, but Jessica has other ideas. Grabbing her stepsister’s hand, Jessica pulls Audrey down onto the bed and convinces her that they should masturbate together. The girls lay by side by side stroking their pussies, but Audrey eventually admits that she’s not feeling turned on. Grabbing a hairbrush, Jessica coaxes her stepsister to let her fuck her tight bare twat with the handle. Soon Audrey is moaning as she reaches the peak of a big climax. The girls agree to get together more often to get each other off. Little does Jessica know that Audrey now has a hankering for putting things in her fuck hole. The next day, Audrey grabs a pack of hot dogs, flips up her miniskirt, and starts shoving them deep in her cock hungry snatch. Her stepdad Johnny Castle walks in on her, and determines that spanking his stepdaughter is the only way to punish her properly. When Audrey lets Johnny know that her stepsister told her to be more open minded, Johnny checks with his fingers and stiffie to make sure there’s nothing else inside her. Jessica eventually walks in on them, and Johnny directs her to let Audrey feast on her needy pussy. Their threesome keeps up until the girls give Johnny a double blowjob and hand job to finish him off.

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