Nina North, Kristen Scott (Indirect Relations / 03.17.2017)

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    WARNING: What you are about to watch is arguably the most shocking and graphic family roleplay scene we have ever filmed. We hope you find it equally arousing and disturbing! Detective Randy Rogers (Derrick Pierce) was known around the vice squad as the quintessential bad cop. His attitude and his underhanded relationship with informants helped him crack more cases than anyone else in the precinct. Perhaps this is why his behavior was tolerated for so long. Because Detective Rogers was a sick and twisted fuck. After his wife left him, his partner put in a request to be transferred and he began to make all the women in the station uncomfortable. Rumors started to circulate that his marriage had ended because of inappropriate behavior with his estranged 18 year old daughter (Kristen Scott). With the help of a junkie informant (Michael Vegas) and his whore girlfriend (Nina North), Detective Rogers orchestrates the perfect night for a perverted daddy daughter reunion. Everything is going to be perfect!

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