Molly Meets Ms Swayze with Molly Mae, Parker Swayze

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    What do you get when you put dirty windows, water, a ladder, and two teens in a room? A perfect opportunity to flirt and catch glimpses down a tight blouse to see some perky teen tits! But what happens when that teen’s stepmom wanders in and sets her eyes on the innocent boy in her house? And boy, what a MILF she is… Parker saunters in and begins taking control of Brad like he was her personal plaything. She sends naïve Molly off and gets to work running her hands over Brad’s body, tempting him with her ample bust, confident attitude, and sexy twang. And when Molly returns in shock, Ms. Swayze takes it in stride, ordering the two teens to follow and learn from her commands. This is how you suck cock properly! This is how you worship teen pussy! Soon, cleaning the windows is all forgotten amidst the moaning dirty talk of a dominant MILF instructing, teaching, and enjoying this inexperienced teen couple. At the end of the day, Brad gets to enjoy a lithe teen, and curvy MILF, and doesn’t even have to clean the windows!

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