Forget About Your Boyfriend with Athena Faris, Christie Stevens

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    After Athena breaks up with her boyfriend, Christie s by with a surprise to help cheer her up. Athena is not sure what to think when she opens the grocery bag and finds two pairs of tights. Christie thinks it would be fun to try them on together, so she slips out of her tight, pink dress, revealing the lacy bra and panties underneath, before peeling those off as well. Athena bites her lip, unsure of how to respond. Shes turned on by Christies hot ass and round tits, as she squeezes into the red tights. Athena can’t take it anymore, so she gives in and lets herself have fun, taking off her dress and trying on the other pair of tights. The girls like each others tits and start rubbing their pussies through the tights. They cut open the crotch of their tights so they can rub their cunts together. Christie shows Athena how to eat pussy, bending her over the couch and sucking on her tender pink lips. Shes pretty sure Athena has forgotten all about her boyfriend.

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