[PunishTeens] Mandy Muse (A Play Book Punishment / 06.19.2017)

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    Mandy Muse thought she was a cute funny cheerleader and decided to steal the football teams playbook. Too bad that wthout that book the team fucking sucked. They lost their next game, and found out from one of the other cheerleaders that it was Mandy who stole it. Coach was furious and brought three of his toughest players to her house to try and get it back. They barged inside her home, searching everywhere for it. It couldn’t be found, so they body searched her, and there it was on her person. He could have her kicked off the cheer squad for this, but decided to give her another option. The players usually have to stay celibate until they get a win, but in this case the win was stolen from them because of Mandy. All her holes were required to make this right, and Mandy had no choice but to comply. These boys ravaged just about every hole Mandy had to offer, making sure to demoralize her throughout. A final triple nut but to the face would make the average girl regret her actions, but it just made Mandy want to do it again. What a degenerate teen slut!

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