Bridgette B (Rich Fucks: Part 4 / 04.27.2018)

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    Bridgette invites Ariana and Xander to a business meeting on her husband’s yacht to celebrate the business deal between families; little does Ariana know that Bridgette’s real plan is to have her rival “dealt with” by hitman Toni, who she introduces to the group as her new “head of international relations”. Bridgette brings Toni below deck to take care of business – after a little bit of plotting, both Toni and Bridgette find themselves turned on by the mere thought of sabotage and start fucking. Xander, who is sick of his sister’s heavy flirting with Bridgette’s husband above deck, goes to find Bridgette, hoping for some more steamy sex. Lucky for both men, Bridgette’s not afraid to take two dicks at once…

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