Pepper Hart, Katy Kiss (Raunchy Redhead Family Gets Seductive / 04.27.2018)

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    Pepper Hart was cleaning up after dinner when her stepdaughter approached her to talk about guys. They both seemed to think that it was tougher to get dick with red hair, but Pepper begged to differ. She went outside and attempted to seduce one of the gardeners. Later that night she was already sucking his cock. Katy even followed to pleasure herself while she watched. The next morning Katy woke up to her stepmom telling her she knows that she was watching last night. Pepper was not mad about it though. She escorted Katy downstairs and had her legs spread wide open while she intimidated the gardener. They began to kiss passionately as Katy worked her way down to his stiff cock. As she began to stroke it with her mouth, Pepper joined the fun and began to suck face with the gardener. They moved things to the bedroom where Pepper gave Katy pointers on cocksucking. They then each took turns riding his cock and toying with each others pussies until they were graced with a super sticky and steaming load to share.

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