Ella Knox (G159 / 04.20.2018)

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    Today is the day that Ella makes her return to the station! Ella is back on the bench. The guys are around her, and they’re all ready to go.. after a little smack talking.. they make short work of her shoes and dress. Then the guys get those magical space panties from the interview off. They much on that pussy for just a minute, and Indiana goes down for a sweet mustache. They take turns giving her the cock in the missionary making those titties bounce all over the place. They move her around and get her to start riding. She rides Kyle in regular cowgirl, The guys get up close and personal on her tits, each getting a nipple. She rides Kyle and gives him a little choking action to help herself get off. They turn her around and the guys get up close and personal with those great breasts. Each getting a nipple. She’s back to missionary when she starts taking loads. 5 to be exact, each one messier than the last. The guys really give her some volume this week. She scoops the cum out, and sucks it off their dicks. Before we have her squat on the bench and slowly push the last little bit out.

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