Quinn Wilde (Slutty Sister Blackmailed Into More Sin / 04.19.2018)

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    Quinn Wilde is a busty, impulsive cutie that gets her kicks showing off for men. Recently, the tight-bodied babe had a fling with a guy who often filmed them having sex. But much to Quinn’s chagrin, one of the videos is now circulating the Internet! Crazy Quinn’s sister is quite the opposite — Nickey is a strait-laced, model student deeply in love with her long-term boyfriend, Xander Corvus. On multiple occasions, Quinn has caught Xander checking her out, even taunting with intimate stares. Lately, Xander has seemed even more flirtatious whenever Nickey isn’t around, causing dark-haired Quinn to question his motives. His attitude has led Quinn to suspect that he might know about the illicit sex tape! Fearful of exactly what Xander might know, Quinn desperately confronts him, hoping that if he’s made a copy of the forbidden video, he’ll simply destroy the evidence. Sure enough, he admits to having a copy … but shockingly, the creepy stud uses Quinn’s indiscretion as leverage to blackmail her into sucking his cock! With her beloved, conservative sister only a few feet away, panicking Quinn agrees to Xander’s vile demands, kneeling before him submissively. While Nickey cleans the kitchen, Xander ferociously fucks Quinn’s face, making slobber drip down her chest. She gags as he relentlessly reams her throat, and cruel Xander heckles her, saying, “I saw you do this in the video!” Xander demands more: a risky fuck! He slams Quinn’s quim in standing position. The nasty fuckers both talk dirty — Quinn realizes she’s taking kinky pleasure in the depraved affair. The cheating couple narrowly evades Nickey until she departs, leaving them to an intense fuck session on the couch. Xander chokes and smacks Quinn as he pummels her pussy, and he spits into her mouth as she blows his cock. Their perverse tryst includes sloppy titty fucking and serious pussy pounding. Finally, Xander sprays a massive load of cum on Quinn’s pretty face. Drenched in semen, the filthy slut gazes up at Xander, giggling, “I like fucking my sister’s boyfriend!”

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