Kendra Spade (Welcome Home Anal / 04.19.2018)

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    Petite asian babe Kendra Spade waits at home patiently. Her alarm goes off, letting her know the time of day she that pleases her the most is approaching. The all natural teen disrobes with glee. She begins to touch herself in anticipation. Kendra Spade hides and waits until the man of her dreams enters. He sees her clothes on the floor and follows the trail until he sees the petite teenager. Kendra spreads her ass for him. She smiles and signals to him what she wants. This nude teen wants to be abused and fucked until her asshole is gaping and destroyed. He is happy to give her what she wants. Kendra Spade is tossed around like a rag doll and fucked hard up her ass. The Asian babe doesn’t know what hit her. She can’t stand, talk, or do anything but cum. Her asshole is filled with a huge cock and fucked hardcore. Her face is slapped as she screams for more. The teen is thrown onto the floor and is given a hard rough throat fucking. Her sloppy blowjob covers her face and tits in spit. Kendra Spade is living out her fantasy and couldn’t be happier with how much of an anal whore she has been turned into.

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