Lily Moon (24007 / 04.18.2018)

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    Candy bars – the secret to any successful cheerleading team campaign, and Lily Moon has been working hard to sell her share of them. But that isn’t the case with her friend Tara, who isn’t home like she said she would be to help Lily sell the rest of their stock. Her friend’s dad tells Lily that Tara’s out with her mom, and won’t be back until the next day – the day after the campaign’s over. When he sees the long face on Lily, he invites her in and tells her that he’ll do something special for her, and gives her a couple hundo, which will cover the candy bars and then some. Unsure of how to repay him, Lily just does what feels natural, and reaches for her friend’s dad’s dick! Turns out he does the only thing that feels natural, too, and unzips his pants, pulls his hard dick out and sticks it in his daughter’s friend’s mouth. The nasty little blowjob turns into hot fucking between a young coed and an older man, who ended up paying for candy after all.

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