Zoey Reyes (Dominant Chick With A Submissive Male Bitch / 04.02.2018)

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    Zoey Reyes is a bad bitch who loves the idea of dominating her man. She exercises these skills on a daily basis, and today she really gave him the brunt of it. He returned home from work late, which made Zoey have him get on all fours and hop into his leash. She then walked him inside like a puppy and commanded him to eat her ass and pussy. Of course he followed orders like the good submissive he is. After worshipping Zoey’s feet, he was given a bit of a break and allowed to jam his cock in her mouth. She loved every second of it, but quickly took back control as his cock was inserted into her pussy. Zoey controlled the sex until she was satisfied, then her man could do as he pleased.

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