Jessie Wylde (Hose In The Garden / 04.07.2018)

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    A day of gardening between girls gets dirty really quickly. Jessie Wylde tries her best to focus on her best friend’s gardening lessons, but she’s horny and all she wants to do is fuck! When Bambino, her BFF’s boyfriend, shows up, Jessie bends over to tease her sexy red underwear. Then, she grinds her ass against Bambino’s crotch while he’s trying to show her his gardening tips. As if her intentions were not obvious enough, Jessie then uses the hose to spray water all over her perky tits! Now soaking wet, she asks Bambino for a change of clothes, which of course is just a ploy to follow him inside the house where she gets completely naked! Then, after wrapping her lips around Bambino’s big dick for a good cock-sucking session, Jessie sneakily fucks him while her best friend is looking for them!

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