Sydney Hail (23949 / 03.28.2018)

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    Tony just wants to make sure that everything went exactly as planned on his wife’s girl’s night out. He learns that it did, though he didn’t think his wife sneaking off to cheat on him was going to be part of the deal. His wife’s friend Sydney Hail breaks the news, as she lends him a sympathetic shoulder. Soon, they learn that they’ve both been fucked over by Tony’s wife, and decide to get back at her in their own way, by fucking each other! Lucky for Tony, Sydney Hail is wearing some sexy black lingerie underneath her dress. He’s stunned at how incredible her natural tits and ass look as she strips down and starts sucking his rock hard cock. They both get so overwhelmed that they start to fuck right there, on the couch, Sydney Hail’s heels still on as Tony fucks her juicy wet pussy. Cause when it comes to revenge, Tony definitely thinks it’s best served hot, all over his wife’s hot friend’s face.

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