Sophia Leone (23905 / 03.11.2018)

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    Irresponsible Sophia Leone lost her dog again! It’s the third time this week, and it’s also the third time this week that her neighbor JMac has returned her dog to her, complaining that her pooch is doing its duty all over his lawn. And this time there’s an added bonus: Sophia’s dog bit JMac’s wife! He’s thinking of filing a complaint to have the dog put down, but Sophia tells him she’d be crushed, that Sparky is all she has in her life. The spicy Latina excuses herself for a few minutes, then returns with her fantastic ass hanging out of her sexy blue lingerie, all the while JMac’s wide-eyed, panting and drooling with his tongue hanging out of his mouth, awaiting an order. And when Sophia barks her commands him to fuck her, his obedient ways shine through, as does his huge dick, which throttles her wet pussy, helping him to forget about his troubles, his wife, and her possible rabies!

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