Abella Danger, Aaliyah Hadid, Noemie Bilas (03.10.2018)

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    Abella Danger’s the new girl on campus, and she’s making friends quickly. Her two newest pals? Noemie Bilas and Aaliyah Hadid. They all live in the same dorm, and as we peer in, we can hear the girls gossiping about boys. Soon, the discussion changes…to a secret club. A club Noemie and Aaliyah are in, and one they’d like to initiate Abella for — the Sappho Sisters! Members of Sisters look like most any other girls on campus; they dress pretty much like all the other girls dress; they date boys and take their studies seriously; but, there’s times when the Sisters like to entertain each other, and that’s when the boys aren’t allowed! This story takes a funny turn almost immediately. Noemie and Aaliyah have no idea Abella not only loves to play with girls, but Abella is an expert. Abella loves eating pussy and licking ass, and she has a specialty — strap-ons! But first, Abella’s going to show off her skills in the art of double penetration! Then, she’ll give both Noemie and Aaliyah gushing orgasms before Aaliyah finally admits, “I think we have a new Queen of the Sisters! Abella Danger!”

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